The Open MEG Archive

In contrast with some other imaging modalities, there is presently a scarcity of fully open resources in magnetoencephalography (MEG) data available to the neuroimaging community. The Open MEG Archive (OMEGA) is the fruit of a collaborative effort by the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre and the Université de Montréal to build a centralised repository in which to regroup MEG data in raw and processed form, for open dissemination.

This continuously expanding repository also contains anatomical MRI volumes, demographic and questionnaire information, and eventually will feature other forms of electrophysiological data (e.g., EEG, field and cell recordings). OMEGA features the technological framework for multi-centric data aggregation, and is amongst the largest freely available resting-state MEG datasets presently available.


  • First open data repository fully dedicated to MEG
  • Contains data in raw and processed forms, including source image volumes
  • Current focus in on resting-state, but task data can also be contributed
  • Soon: a resource in electrophysiology, including for EEG and cell recordings
  • OMEGA will continue to expand, with contributions from the scientific community


Niso G., Rogers C.,  Moreau J.T., Chen L.Y., Madjar C., Das S., Bock E., Tadel F., Evans A.C., Jolicoeur P., Baillet S. (2015). OMEGA: The Open MEG Archive. NeuroImage 124, 1182-1187. doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2015.04.028 (link)
OMEGA is available at: